The Right Place, The Right Time

Starring Jodie Comer and The ExceptionalNP Chronobiology Sleep Mask

A skincare science masterpiece that transforms you from dusk to dawn.

Defining The ExceptionalNP, our global ambassador Jodie Comer unveils our newest innovation The ExceptionalNP Chronobiology Sleep Mask in our latest campaign film. Jodie arrives at an emblematic hotel with one mission in mind, to be at the right place, at the right time. A culmination of synchronicities, Jodie is guided by her intuition and a cryptic invitation that takes her down a labyrinth of corridors, following her heart towards her ultimate destiny—an exceptional night that empowers her beauty sleep until morning.

Throughout Jodie’s furtive journey, the importance of time is reiterated across various motifs and symbols—a watch, an hourglass, a clock on the ceiling—that pull her closer towards synchronicity and achieving her destiny. As Jodie continues while time is ticking, she finally arrives at a mysterious door, the portal to her destiny. The room, number 228, signifies her destination of transformation. The number 22 represents the launch date, February 2, 2022, while the number 8 represents the iconic octagonal shape of our OSMV™ Technology. Jodie enters the room to find a special gift that commences her exceptional night.

An allegory to The ExceptionalNP Chronobiology Sleep Mask, being at the right place, at the right time mirrors OSMV™ Technology’s programmed sequence carefully calibrated to work with the skin’s natural circadian biorhythm from 11PM to 4AM. Launching three stages: detox, repair, and nourish, the skin is completely rejuvenated through supporting its regenerative and reparative processes unlike anything before. Jodie awakens transformed in the morning light.

Discover the ultimate overnight treatment for unparalleled results in firming, plumping, replenishing, restoring, and illuminating skin. 

Chronobiology Sleep
The ExceptionalNP

Chronobiology Sleep Mask

This high-performance treatment sleeping mask is carefully calibrated to optimize and work in synergy with the skin’s natural overnight biorhythm of regeneration and self-repair processes, for a skin transformation overnight while sleeping.

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The Noble Panacea Woman

Our CEO, Céline Talabaza, explains why Jodie Comer represents the Noble Panacea woman, “Jodie is a dynamic, contemporary inspiration who perfectly matches our disruptive movement in beauty. She dedicates herself to her craft the same way as our Founder, Sir Fraser, has to his. Jodie embodies the versatility of authentic beauty, a beauty that extends far beyond the visible. Her humility, passion, and grace are the essence of the Noble Panacea woman.”

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Jodie Comer

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