Move over dermatologists. With consumers digging deeper into ingredients, there’s rising interest in skincare from founders with different advanced degrees: scientists. Dermatologists might know a lot about treating skin, but scientists create the formulas.

Admitting he isn’t a typical beauty entrepreneur, Stoddart says he serendipitously discovered what he named Organic Molecular Vessels™ (OMV™), a time-released delivery method engineered from natural starches that drives Noble Panacea’s products. The method protects active ingredients such as retinol and peptides at the molecular level to preserve their potency until they can be released at the moment of need, explains Noble Panacea CEO Celine Talabaza. Put simply, she equates them to little houses with windows that open at the perfect point. The brand asserts OMV™ increases the efficacy of its products up to tenfold.

Following its launch in November, Noble Panacea is premiering today on Net-a-Porter and scheduled to enter Harrods in April. “Net-a-Porter has personal shoppers and offers the perfect one-on-one conversations to help educate people about the line,” says Talabaza, a product and marketing veteran who previously occupied roles at L’Oréal, Unilever and LVMH Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy. Scientists don’t always make the best beauty marketers and her leadership is seen as a plus for the nascent brand.

Sustainability is a central tenant of Noble Panacea. OMV™ production is reported to be environmentally-friendly. It involves crystallization of carbohydrate and salt in a closed-loop, renewable process that doesn’t yield waste. Water is reused and re-purified in the production process. The packaging is equally environmentally-conscious. Mirroring the shape of the OMV™ Technology, Noble Panacea’s octagon recyclable containers are composed of a starch substance. Also encased in a recyclable material, the products are individually packaged in so-called Active Daily Doses to ensure freshness. A refill option will be available later this year.

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