"The next morning, the redness I had from trying to exfoliate and extract my milia was gone."

When I found out about a new skincare line helmed by a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry called Noble Panacea, I started shaking like a Chihuahua—I couldn’t try it fast enough. I love panaceas (i.e. universal remedies) like giant shrimp and Japanese white peaches from Okayama, and I’m always looking for more things to cure whatever ails me.

If you’re wondering what sets this skincare line apart, I’ll tell you: a promise of high-quality ingredients and a higher quality delivery system with more penetration than any other products.

Skincare is what I choose to spend money on. Even well-before I became a beauty writer, I always prioritized creams over clothes. My complexion is closely linked to my mental health, and if I end up living in a yurt made out of my empty product containers someday, then that’s my choice—and at least I’ll have good skin.

The good thing about Noble Panacea’s packaging (more on this later) is that I don’t have to carry an entire pharmacy when I travel. Flying already sucks, and never mind the pain of pleading and begging a testy TSA agent not to throw away your expensive jar of cream that’s slightly over the limit.

Even though I feel like a chicken that’s just been plucked when I do the math on the annual price of Noble Panacea, I’ll say this: it’s an amazing product. I opted to try the Brilliant Collection as a preventative treatment. Time waits for no man, but it might wait for Nobel Prize-winning chemistry. After one night of using the product, I could see a difference in my skin. I had just gotten off of a long and very stressful plane ride while wearing a hat, so my forehead looked like it had been to war.

The next morning, the redness I had from trying to exfoliate and extract my milia was gone. My skin was glowing, and I hadn’t even slept on my back (I do this when I don’t want to lose product to my pillow).

I genuinely love how my skin looks and feels after using this for two weeks. The products don’t pill under makeup, but I haven’t even needed to wear any, thanks to this. I haven’t had a single breakout, despite traveling for Thanksgiving, eating what I did at Thanksgiving, and being outside in a blizzard at altitude. I’ve been in hot, cold, dry, and downright miserable weather conditions, but my skin hasn’t budged in clarity or complexion. I’m shocked that it’s felt so hydrated, too.

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