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Noble Panacea's New Face Oil Both Moisturizes and Hydrates (Really)


Noble Panacea's New Face Oil Both Moisturizes and Hydrates (Really)

Oils by default have nothing to do with water. But Noble Panacea's innovative face oil changes everything.

There is a common misconception in skincare that face oils hydrate. And since just about every oil promises dewy, plump skin—we don't blame you for believing that to be true. The reality, though, is that oils can't mix with water. They're hydrophobic—afraid of water, and therefore have nothing to do with hydration. What they can do is moisturize, or lubricate the skin with emollients, which in turn helps lock-in hydration. So face oils have never and can never hydrate, except when molecular chemistry gets involved.

Nourishing Lift Oil

Enter science-driven brand Noble Panacea’s new Absolute Nourishing Lift Oil, an innovative new formula that uses the brand’s patented tech to encapsulate hydrating hyaluronic acid within an oil. The oil then releases microscopic hyaluronic acid droplets into the skin barrier progressively throughout the course of the day or night. Absolute Nourishing Lift Oil is, simply put, a game-changer, flipping everything we know about skincare on its head.

“It’s truly innovative,” explains makeup artist Fulvia Farolfi, US Chanel Beauty ambassador and the vision behind the red carpet looks of Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain. “I love oils on set, but I was always very hesitant to use them myself as I understood they can not really hydrate. Noble Panacea’s whole concept—the fact that they were able to combine hyaluronic acid in the molecule of the oil—is extraordinary. It has been a staple in my routine.”

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