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The Exceptional, Chronobiology Sleep Mask

By Mélanie Defouilloy

The 5 beauty products that the Vogue editors tested this week and that they absolutely recommend

Every week, the beauty editors of Vogue France present their new favorites, between beauty products, skincare and perfumes. This week: zoom on a night mask that makes the skin luminous, a glitter kohl or a multi-use balm...

1. A Noble Panacea night mask.

"Just take a look at the packaging of this brand new night mask, to understand that this product is like no other. Housed in a biodegradable case, the 8 single-use doses of the latest Noble Panacea nugget are a real cosmetic feat. On the one hand, the formula relies on the OSMV Intelligent Technology, developed by a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, for a synchronized release of the active ingredients, with the nightly biological rhythm. On the other hand, we find only the best ingredients, in their optimal concentration: pre-pro-postbiotics, exfoliating PHA, retinol, peptides, ceramides, 2D hyaluronic acid and a cocktail of 5 botanical oils. And the results in the morning are truly amazing. The skin, all smooth, all plumped up, has never been so luminous and unified in a single night."

Mélanie Defouilloy, beauty editor and market editor for Vogue France

Available on 24s.com for 325 euros.

Read the full article at Vogue.fr

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