Welcome to the second annual Town & Country Luxury Beauty Awards, a celebration of the very best skincare, beautifying makeup, and game-changing beauty tools that will make this year your most groomed—and gorgeous— yet.

"Noble Panacea, founded by a Nobel Prize Winner in chemistry, employs an innovative delivery system that ushers active ingredients deep into the skin and deploys them at the most optimal moment. This restorative night cream, which detoxifies while it hydrates, is especially brilliant for travel—each application is individually packaged in a (recyclable) sachet, so there's no need to bring along any more than you need." —April Long

"Sir Fraser continues to oversee one of the top chemistry labs in the world at Northwestern University. Although his priority is the mentorship of students and furthering scientific research, it was his dream to see one of his discoveries be implemented into a product that could impact so many," Talabaza continues.

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