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16 Tools to Maximize Sleep, Refresh Skin, and Manage the Stresses of 2022

By Arden Fanning Andrews

After-Hours Skin and Hair Care

The current vogue for overnight products makes good sense: That extended contact with the skin allows active ingredients to work uninterrupted, according to Murphy-Rose. “For the driest skin, overnight moisturizing masks are an excellent choice,” says the dermatologist, who looks for humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerin as well as nourishing lipids to lock in moisture. Sisley’s sleeping mask combines plant-based glycerin, shea, and kokum butter with saffron flower extract for a soothing cocoon, while Noble Panacea’s Chronobiology mask has a slow-release system that delivers exfoliating polyhydroxy acid in its first “detox” stage, retinol in its “repair” stage, and hyaluronic acid in its final “nourish” stage. It’s worth noting that vitamin A derivatives like retinol perform better in the dark. “Many ingredients in the retinol family are deactivated by sunlight,” Murphy-Rose explains, pointing out such benefits as stimulated collagen production and increased cell turnover. Subotich believes topical magnesium to be a simple sleep aid, and Neom Organics infuses it into a bedtime body butter scented with lavender and sweet basil. And for hair, an overnight oil treatment can be a sleeper secret for healthy maintenance—especially for fine-hair types that need a post-treatment rinse in order to enjoy any level of body or bounce.

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