Our Active Ingredients

The optimal alchemy between science and nature, our scientists create highly efficacious formulas by harnessing only the best quality, scientifically-proven active ingredients.

We believe in nature’s gentle power and our key ingredients are meticulously selected from the most potent natural sources for their innate energy and ability to regenerate skin cells to enhance longevity and ensure healthy, radiant skin.

We adhere to the values of the scientific method.

Our scientists do not follow any claims or myths when it comes to ingredient efficacy on skin health. They study and validate each ingredient through experiments, tests, and analysis using the most advanced and sophisticated lab equipment. Only ingredients with scientifically verified efficacious performance are included in our formulas.

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Our patented OSMVTM Technology protects and delivers active ingredients at the molecular level.

It preserves the maximum potency inherent in fresh active ingredients. It also allows ingredients to be combined without the risk of cross-interaction. This twofold protection allows our scientists to craft the most optimal, unique formulations, which was never possible before. OSMVsTM can then be programmed to deliver ingredients at the optimal sequence, timing, and right skin location. This programming increases the release-time and efficacy of our formulas up to tenfold* for Perpetual Potency over other skincare products. 

*In-vitro clinical tests
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Delivering the optimal dosage, our unique formulas are handmade in small batches and packaged into Active Daily Doses to ensure the raw power and purity of our meticulously crafted skincare.

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