Lyn Slater On The Absolute& Her Skincare Philosophy

It all starts with natural beauty.

Lyn Slater

Best known as the Accidental Icon @iconaccidental, Lyn Slater is instantly recognizable as a New York City style doyenne known for her bold looks, intellectual musings, and unwavering sense of self. Citing the most important thing for a woman is to be “clear and comfortable with who they are,” Lyn truly embodies authenticity. Read on for her personal skincare philosophy, her favorite The Absolute products, and what she hopes for in terms of modern beauty ideals.

What drew you to Noble Panacea? What about the brand really stood out to you in comparison to everything else you’ve used?

There are three major things that engaged me. The first is that Noble Panacea came out of a Nobel Prize-winning scientist’s lab. I have a Ph.D. and I am a researcher myself so I am always interested in the research and evidence behind a product and what it can do. To me, that is integrity. The second is the purity of the active ingredients and the ethics of the brand. Finally, the product and packaging design with a strong focus on sustainability are very important to me.

What are your biggest skin concerns and how did The Absolute collection address these?

My skin tends to be dry and because of that it often looks dull. The Absolute collection definitely made my complexion more luminous and bright, restoring a healthy glow to my tired-looking skin

Which product is your favorite and why?

Overall, my favorite product is the Rejuvenation Night Balm. I love waking up in the morning feeling refreshed, restored, and fortified to face the day with a bright, happy face from a good night’s sleep in conjunction with the Rejuvenation Night Balm.

Which skin result are you most impressed with?

After using The Absolute collection consistently, my skin overall looks healthier. The color and tone are more even. I have a noticeable natural glow and can minimize the use of makeup. The best way to describe it is that my skin looks more alive and vital.

The Absolute Rejuvenation Night Balm

What about the Active Daily Doses do you love the most?

The Active Daily doses are 100% recyclable. From a sustainability perspective, this cuts down on waste while ensuring the potency of the product. They also take the guesswork out of using the right amount of product.

How was your experience with their portability for travel?

It eliminated the problem of dealing with skincare size restrictions when flying with carryon luggage—which I often do. I also never have to purchase extra travel-size products again and the Active Daily Doses take up much less room in my bag.

How does your beauty ritual change with the seasons? How do you care for your skin during this season?

In summer, I like to use less of everything including skincare and makeup. I prefer a very natural look with just sunscreen and a moisturizer. Generally, I look for products that deeply moisturizes, restores, and repairs my dry skin—especially in fall or winter—and gives my skin a healthy glow.

What does authentic beauty mean to you?

To me, authentic beauty means a minimum use of artifice and effortless style. One accepts who they are and the objective is to look their best given where they are in life. It’s a deep level of self-acceptance where inner beauty and good health always shines through.

What does “being true to yourself” mean to you? How is this reflected in your beauty philosophy?

For me, “being true to oneself” means there is a consistency between my values and the way I live my life. This is where I think self-acceptance is of critical importance. One must evaluate who they are, where they may be in life, and accept it.

My beauty philosophy is that I use products that enhance who I am naturally and are also good to the Earth. I trust my body to tell me if the products I use are the right ones for me. I do not retouch my photos, my hair is grey, and what you see is the authentic me. I do Accidental Icon while being 100% true to myself and embracing my age. I think that is ultimately the secret to my success.

What is your biggest piece of advice to women today in regards to embracing their authentic beauty?

Women are always naturally beautiful when they are happy with themselves and enjoying the life they are living.

What do you hope for in the future in regards to mainstream beauty ideals?

Idealized notions of beauty are usually unattainable in terms of who and what is considered beautiful—and that does not lift all women up. My hope is that we create a more inclusive, natural, minimalist, and sustainable notion of beauty rather than idealized.

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