After four decades of research and thousands of experiments unlocking molecular secrets, a serendipitous discovery led to the birth of Organic Super Molecular VesselsTM. Harnessing the brightest scientific minds and state-of-the-art equipment, Sir Fraser and his team, thoroughly romanced by the creative potential of their quest while thoroughly grounded in scientific methodology, persevered in the wake of discovery. Molecular beauty, a concept that has roots in the Platonic tradition, inspires chemists, like artists, to artfully manipulate their materials to redefine its form and function, and in the realm of Sir Fraser’s molecular engineering, to unleash the power and healing properties of active ingredients.

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The Perfect Form

The Organic Super Molecular VesselTM is beautifully simple in form. A single OSMVTM is 10,000 times smaller than a skin cell. Built from biodegradable, renewable carbohydrate and fatty acids to house and protect ingredients at the individual molecule level to preserve ingredient freshness and potency while preventing cross-interaction. Ingredients, such as vitamin C and retinol, can degrade with exposure to elements like light, oxygen, and water. Thus, the OSMVTM protects active ingredients to ensure its integrity and best efficacy for the best skin results.

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The Perfect Function

Its power is simply beautiful in function. The Organic Super Molecular VesselTM can be programmed to deliver its active ingredients with extreme precision, for a long-term release into the exact location within a skin cell with the perfect timing, control, and sequence maximizing the Perpetual PotencyTM of the overall treatment. Similar to pharmaceuticals, skincare has a therapeutic window where a continual and precise dosage is the most potent and effective. Too high of an ingredient dosage may turn it into a skin irritant whereas too low may not be effective. Most skincare products are totally absorbed immediately after application; thus, rendering them inefficient and ineffective with the skin’s therapeutic window. With our precise, programmable OSMVsTM, Noble Panacea skincare can continually deliver active ingredients during the therapeutic window optimizing the formula’s efficacy and overall Perpetual PotencyTM. There’s nothing in the world like it, it’s completely unique.

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With our Organic Super Molecular VesselTM technology at its core, Noble Panacea’s products have an efficacy up to tenfold*.
A masterpiece of thinking beautifully, the OSMVTM is a testament to being truly beautiful.

*In-vitro clinical tests

Organic Super Molecular VesselsTM

The skincare vanguard in active ingredient protection and delivery


Ingredients are maximally protected at the individual molecule level to preserve their integrity for optimal freshness while preventing cross-interaction. This allows the full potency and power of our active ingredients to be preserved and unleashed upon application.


OSMVs™ are programmed to release active ingredients individually optimized to their unique profiles for maximal absorption by the skin at the right location, increasing the actives’ skin penetration by more than 200%* for enhanced efficacy.


A revolutionary development, individual ingredients are programmed to be released with the optimal timing, control, and ordered sequence to maximize the potency of individual ingredients as well as the overall formula treatment.


The OSMV’sTM long-term release of up to tenfold* is carefully controlled through a staggered, multi-layered method based on the ingredient profile and its skin benefits, allowing a continual dosage during the therapeutic window when it’s most potent and effective.

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The total power of the OSMV’s unique actions results in a more than 200%* superior penetration and absorption of active ingredients with an overall improved formula efficacy of up to tenfold.

*In-vitro clinical tests

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