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Anne Chapas - Noble Panacea
        As a board-certified dermatologist, I believe in scientific evidence as the authority to addressing skin concerns with the utmost precision and efficacy.

Anne Chapas M.D.
Dermatological Advisor, Noble Panacea

Gina - Noble Panacea
        The love of science and technology has always been the heart and soul of my skincare practice.

Gina Marí
Facialist Advisor, Noble Panacea

At-Home Relaxation Ritual with Gina Marí

Stimulate circulation, drain lymph, and enjoy a moment of self-care and wellbeing with Gina Marí’s expert tips and techniques to enhance our skincare efficacy while treating yourself to a blissful facial massage.

Eye Awakening Ritual with Gina Marí

Illuminate and lift your eye area with Gina Marí’s exclusive, expert tips and techniques to depuff, brighten dark circles, and minimize fine lines on the delicate skin for an instantly refreshed, awakened look.

Stimulating Vitality Facial Massage Ritual with Gina Marí

Boost radiance, lift facial contours, and release tension with Gina Marí’s expert massage techniques and application tips to maximize the transformational efficacy of our purely powerful formulas for a healthy, energized, and youthful complexion.

The Benefits of Vitamin C on the Skin

Learn all about this powerhouse antioxidant—and how OSMV™ Technology delivers it to skin at peak potency.


Why Beauty Sleep Isn't Just a Myth Part II

It simply makes everything better (especially skin) the next day.


Why Beauty Sleep Isn't Just a Myth Part I

It simply makes everything better (especially skin) the next day.


Introducing: Gina Marí, Facialist Advisor

The celebrity aesthetician creates our exclusive beauty rituals


Lyn Slater On The Absolute & Her Skincare Philosophy

It all starts with natural beauty.


Tips For Great Skin In Hot & Humid Weather

Achieve a clear, radiant complexion when summer is in full swing—even while wearing a mask.


How To Remedy Stressed Skin

Dr. Anne Chapas discusses the causes and the solutions


All About Skin

How To Prevent Aging

Top tips for a youthful complexion


All About Skin

The Natural Aging Process

A combination of intrinsic and extrinsic factors


All About Skin

The Essentials

Understanding how it works

The Dermatological Advisor
Anne Chapas M.D.

Four Powerful Collections


Discover youthful, healthy-looking, luminous skin with four purely powerful collections.

Shop the Elemental NP Brilliant Collection

For purified, resurfaced skin

Shop the Brilliant NP Brilliant Collection

For glowing radiance

Shop the Absolute NP Absolute Collection

For renewed luminosity

Shop the ExceptionalNP Exceptional Collection

For targeted transformation

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